Students Wearing White Pins as a Reminder of the ‘Oppression’ of White Privilege

Katherine Timpf

National Review

15th February 2017

Students at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania are wearing white, pins for a month to remind themselves of white privilege. The project is being sponsored by the school’s chapter of College Democrats, which will continue to distribute the pins until the end of the semester and hopes to have at least 100 students committed to wearing them by February 17, according to an article in Lancaster Online. In an interview with the College Fix, Ida made sure to clarify that these pins are not just for white people, that students of other racial backgrounds are welcome to wear them as well.

First of all, let me say that wearing a damn pin is about as lazy a form of “activism” as I can possibly think of. It’s even worse than hashtag activism, because at least hashtag activism requires you to move your fingers around to type. The truth is, wearing a pin like this seems like less of a way to enact real change, and more of a way to look like someone who cares about enacting real change — “Look at me! I’m wearing a pin! I’m so sensitive and culturally aware!” — without actually having to do anything at all.



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