College to Host Workshop on Anti-Bias Training for Toddlers

Katherine Timpf

National Review

10th February 2017

Evergreen State College is planning to host a workshop “to help family members interested in education for children ages . ” The program, called “A is for ” is scheduled for Feb. 17, according to a description of the event on the school’s official website.

An article in Campus Reform seemed to consider the purpose of the workshop to be to help prevent toddlers from learning racism before it was too late rather than to rehabilitate toddlers who are currently active Nazis, and it’s not clear from the event description itself what exactly the reasoning is. In any case, I’m not exactly convinced that this is going to do anyone any good, no matter what the aim is. After all, a recent study conducted by researchers from several major universities found that the lessons taught during trainings have very little to do with how people actually act.

If these kinds of trainings aren’t doing adults any good, are they really going to have any kind of impact on a human who is still trying to learn how to stick a straw in a Capri Sun juice by himself?,.


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