Suspected U.S. Capitol Gunman Claimed To Be “True Prophet Of God”

Ellie Hall

Buzzfeed News

29th March 2016

’ABC and NBC News on Monday identified the suspected Capitol Hill gunman as Larry Dawson, of Antioch, Tennessee.’ ’According to Tennessee state records, Dawson was a licensed funeral director and embalmer from 1972 until 2004.’ ’In 2009, Dawson became pastor of St.

Luke’s Community Church. Six years later, he posted on his Facebook page asking for friends to support his church’s movement to raise the minimum wage.’ ’On a fundraising website created around the same time, Dawson claimed to “have been communication with” President Obama and visited Capitol Hill three times that year.

’ ’According to NBC, when D. C. officials notified Dawson of his bench warrant, he replied with a letter in which he claimed to be the “True Prophet of God.

”’] Authorities did not immediately identify Dawson, but did say the gunman had “frequented the [Capitol] grounds before” and “is known to us. ” Dawson was arrested at Capitol Hill in October 2015 after interrupting the House chamber and shouting, “I am a prophet of God. ” He also allegedly resisted arrest as an officer tried to remove him from the chamber.

News reports say Capitol shooting suspect Larry Dawson of TN also caused House disturbance . Here’s video. https: .

However, after failing to appear at his misdemeanor hearing on Nov. 19, a bench warrant was issued for his arrest. .



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