Here’s The $100 Million Fyre Festival Lawsuit Against Ja Rule

Ellie Hall

Buzzfeed News

2nd May 2017

’The lawsuit includes a number of social media posts from festival attendees as evidence of a “dangerous and panicked situation. ”’ ’The photos of empty concierge and medical booths, crowded airports, and sad cheese sandwiches are included as evidence against the Fyre Festival organizers.’ ’However, an individual in one of the Instagram posts used as evidence in the suit tells BuzzFeed News the photo of her doesn’t correspond to the festival.

’] The lawsuit was filed Sunday in the U. S. District Court for the Central District of California by Daniel Jung, “on behalf of all ticket buyers and festival attendees defrauded and wronged” by the festival’s figureheads.

Jung and his attorney Mark Geragos anticipate more than 150 other plaintiffs to join the suit in the coming weeks. Ja Rule (aka Jeffrey Atkins) and McFarland are accused of fraud, negligent representation, breach of contract and breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing. “[The] outrageous failure to prepare, coupled with Defendants’ deliberate falsehoods in promoting the island ‘experience,’ demonstrates that the Fyre Festival was nothing more than a scam from the very beginning,” the lawsuit alleges.

Jung is seeking damages for the initial cost of his Fyre Festival tickets and airfare, the emergency travel booked after the event was cancelled, and “the significant emotional pain and suffering from being stranded in a foreign country. ” The swimming pigs are a famous Bahamas tourist attraction. They live on Big Major Cay, an uninhabited island the Fyre Festival was held on Great Exuma, a fair distance south of the pig island.

Schap told BuzzFeed News that she has not been approached by the law firm and is “not involved in the suit as a plantiff [sic] currently. ” .


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