Chrissy Teigen Shut This Troll Criticising Her IVF The Hell Down

Ellie Woodward

Buzzfeed News

1st February 2017

’ Chrissy Teigen and John Legend may have welcomed showbiz’s cutest baby last April, but the road to getting there wasn’t straightforward.’ ’ Chrissy has been open about the fact that she and John struggled to conceive, and once revealed how hurtful she found it when people asked about their plans for a family.’ ’ Since then she’s revealed that the pair eventually used IVF to conceive Luna, but when she explained that they’d chosen to have a girl, the trolls went in.

She, however, clapped back in true Chrissy fashion.’ ’ Well, now she’s had to defend herself again after she told a reporter at the SAG Awards earlier this week that she and John will have “a boy for sure” next.’ ’ Chrissy was very quick to explain the simple scientific reason as to why she’d be having a boy, shutting down the trolls who were criticising her in the first place.

’ ’ And when another troll asked her this deeply personal (and also kinda offensive?) question … ’ ’ Chrissy shut that shit down.’ ’ GO CHRISSY. ’] .



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