CNN Host Skewers Trump Aide On Meme Retweet: It Demeaned Women (VIDEO)

Talking Points Memo

24th March 2016

CNN host Kate Bolduan skewered an adviser for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Thursday after the real estate mogul retweeted a meme that mocked the appearance of Sen. Ted Cruz ( )’s wife. Trump’s adviser, Stephen Miller, said he didn’t ”really understand what the concern is” with retweeting the meme, which put an unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz side by side with a more flattering photo of Trump’s wife Melania.

The retweet came after Trump tweeted about an ad that used a photo of Melania from a GQ photo shoot. Miller repeatedly stated that he thought Cruz needed to tell his super PACs to stand down. ”I do wonder, why does Donald Trump want to continue to talk about this?” Bolduan asked.

”Because as I look at this retweet as a woman, it’s demeaning to not only Ted Cruz’s wife, it’s demeaning to Melania Trump, because she’s got a lot more going for her than just her looks and you don’t see that in this retweet.” Miller insisted that the retweet ”speaks for itself” and repeated his claim about the super PACS. He said ”of course” he endorsed the retweet.

Bolduan again reminded him that a Cruz super PAC was not behind the ad. ”You and I are not going to agree on endorsing something that is demeaning to women, including Donald Trump’s wife,” Bolduan said. ”Women want safe communities.

They want jobs, they want security — ” Miller said. ”Women also want to be taken for more than what they look like,” the host replied. Watch the whole exchange from Media Matters for America: .



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