SNAKES, TANKS, AND PRANKS: This 27-year-old college drop-out travels the world turning other people into YouTube and Instagram stars

Julie Bort

Business Insider

10th April 2017

’Ever dream of quitting your job and making your living as a famous YouTube or Instagram star?’ ’If so, meet .’ ”It’s his job to make people famous on social media.” ”He’s the one you call if you think up an insane prank — say you want to swim with snakes in your Beverly Hills pool and you need someone to find the snakes and bring them to your house.

” ’Or maybe your stunt needs a drone, pronto. Or maybe you want to do your stunt with Denver Broncos football star Von Miller. Or with star Logan Paul.

Or rap star Wiz Khalifa.’ ”Baroth’s your man.” ’Baroth grew up in Los Angeles, but as a kid he seemed about as far from the celeb set as possible.

He loved snakes and turtles and spent his teens working at a reptile store dreaming of becoming a marine biologist. He was, in a word, a geek. ”There was a reason why I was a virgin until college,” he jokes today.

’ ’But while in college he took a fancy to marketing and opted to explore it by doing an internship at famous music talent agency Bill Silva Management, which led to a paid job for a social media startup backed by CAA, another big talent agency.’ ”That’s where he met his first client Randy Jackson from American Idol. Jackson hired him for a moonlighting gig to do things like man Jackson’s Twitter account (back before Twitter was a part of the show).

Baroth helped Jackson get into live tweetstorms during the show with Ryan Seacrest.” ”Jackson introduced Baroth to other clients, like Carlos Santana’s son Salvador Santana, and the comic Louie Anderson. Soon, he was making more money moonlighting than at his day job.

” ’So Baroth quit his job, and dropped out of college, too, and started doing social media . He was 21.’ ’”My first year, I made $75, 000.

After that, it’’s always been six figures,” he says, and a healthy enough six figures to let him to buy a house in L. A. where the median home price is over $700, 000.

’ ’But his life really changed when a PR friend introduced him to womanizing party animal Dan Bilzerian, who was looking to hire a social media person. Baroth realized that this dude was ”the guy’’s guy” and came up with ideas that got noticed by bro media sites like BroBible and turned . ”He really does live that lifestyle,” Baroth says of Bilzerian.

’ ’Baroth no longer works with Bilzerian (although he says they remain friendly). Today he’’s probably best known as the guy helping ” ” ’ ’But with or without Bilzerian, ’ ”Here’s a funny pic of Bilzerian and a group of women at Battlefield Las Vegas, a place in Las Vegas where you can drive tanks over cars. What you can’t see: they are standing on top of a crushed BMW.

That’s Baroth in the far left, looking at his cell phone.” ” (Logan Paul’s brother) swimming with multiple giant snakes.” ’Here’’s the video: ”’ ”If you can’t imagine the photos, here’sto BigMike’s instagram.

” ’’ ”Here’s .” ’Ever dream of quitting your job and making your. .

.’ ’’ ’’ ’’.


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