Former Vice President Joe Biden at SXSW 2017: ’Your government’ is how curing cancer ’gets done’

Julie Bort

Business Insider

13th March 2017

’ ’ ” AUSTIN, TX — Former Vice President Joe Biden may have left office in January, but that hasn’t stopped him from stumping. ” ’ Biden spoke on Sunday at the ’ ’ ’ ’ Biden and his wife, who both received a standing ovation at the conference, are now working on the Biden Foundation, which advocates for many of the issues crucial during his political career from cancer research and military families to community college access and ending violence against women. ’ ” Biden is currently raising money to continue the Moonshot Taskforce’s work and, while private philanthropy is important, he said on Sunday that federal budgets for research are even more important.

” ’ ”Billions and billions of dollars [for research] comes from tax payers. Your government, that many of you don’’t like, is the vehicle of how this [curing cancer] gets done,” Biden told the crowd. ’ ’ As such, Biden vowed to work with the Trump Administration to continue the fight against cancer.

’ ’ ”I’m confident we can get through it. I’’m confident we can get it done. And I’’m confident that the new admin, once it gets organized, and I”m not being facetious, it will be as enthusiastic of ending cancer as know it.

I promise to do everything in my power to work with new organization to end cancer,” Biden said. ’ ’ During the SXSW speech, Biden relayed how he became the leader of the Moonshot Task Cancer (paraphrased): ’ ’ While the federal government has taken on cancer before — most notable in 1971, under President Nixon — Biden said that he felt that by ”injecting an overwhelming sense of urgency,” he and others could change the how we fight cancer. ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ The Moonshot project created collaborations between 20 government agencies or departments and over 70 private sector partners.

’ ” One of Biden’s biggest successes was convincing pharmaceutical companies to work together to figure out how their drugs could work in tandem and how much each could be expected to be paid when drugs are prescribed together. ” ’ In addition, he helped pass on the biggest bipartisan bills in 2016 — the 21st Century Cures Act, a $6. 3 billion bill that also provides $1.

8 billion of funding over seven years for the Cancer Moonshot’s scientific priorities. ’ ’ To Biden’’s surprise, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell presided over the decision to rename the research project ”The Beau Biden Initiative.” ’ ’ After he set up agreements for researchers across the world to share their data, he received an unexpected call from Amazon, who told him that they would provide the cloud space for the cancer data for free.

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