Google spent $30 billion on its cloud and is making some undeniable progress

Julie Bort

Business Insider

9th March 2017

’’ ”If there’s one question that the top brass at Google are sick of being asked it’s this: How are you going to catch up in the cloud market to Amazon and Microsoft?” ”Google’s answer is pretty straightforward: the way. It plans to build out its tech, making it reliable, affordable, with just enough differentiation to attract customers.” ’And when it lands those big customers, it will show them off as references.

If Google builds it, they will come.’ ”That’s what Day 1 of Google’s conference for cloud customers this week was all about. Instead of announcing a whole bunch of new products (that will happen on Day 2) Cloud chief Diane Greene used the keynote to showcase marquee customers.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai and chairman Eric Schmidt took the stage as well, in a show of support and commitment from the top of the company.” ’In fact, ’ ’’ ’’ ’’ ’Snap also just committed to spend $2 billion with Google over the next five years, ”a deal hugely successful for both of us” because Snap won’’t own a $2 billion data center, nor have to pay ”$3 billion and $4 billion” for data centers, he said. (However, there’’s some reason to believe that building its own data centers, because there comes a point when it is cheaper to own than to rent.

)’ ’Greene also showcased new cloud customers ’ ’Better still, she announced Google’’s first customer, Disney, which is doing ”a full lift and shift to Google Cloud,” meaning that it’’s moving all of its consumer products and interactive media to the cloud. Disney has ”500 projects in the cloud” from consumer apps and games to things like its development environment.’ ’’ ’”A work of art in computer science sense,” adding ”it’’s a way of doing SQL, a database, at a scale that’s never been seen before.

We use it, it’’s how Google works, and we released it a week ago for the cloud. ”’ ’Google also announced ’ ’’ ’Still, none of this will scare Amazon. Its execs continuously and rightfully point out that Amazon is years .

Amazon Web Services has more features, more partners and claims millions of monthly customers, including dozens of ” ” enterprises. At its customer conference last fall, half of its 600+ technical sessions were even taught by customers, Even Snap, Google’’s sexy cloud customer, has also for some of its infrastructure. ’ ”Amazon is still setting the tone for the entire cloud computing infrastructure market and has already won today’s enterprise.

” ”But that doesn’t mean that there’s no place for Google especially if Google is playing the long game (which it claims it’s doing). In the 16 months since Diane Greene joined Google, she’s definitely showing progress. ” ”If there’s one question that the top brass at.

..” ’’ ’’ ’’.



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