Refugee Launches Lawsuit Against Facebook After Selfie Used for Memes - Breitbart

Charlie Nash


6th February 2017

Syrian refugee Anas Modamani filed a lawsuit against Facebook after his selfie with German Chancellor Angela Merkel was used in allegedly “defamatory” posts on the platform. [“Mr. Modamani has filed for an injunction in a court in Würzburg, in the southern German state of Bavaria, that would require Facebook to remove any content linking him to terrorism,” reported the New York Times on Monday.

“His lawyer, Jun, says that although his client deleted the photograph and requested that it be taken down in some postings, it still appears on other people’s social media pages and in fake news reports accusing him of having links to terrorism. ” “I took the selfie because my hobby is taking photos,” said Modamani to The Independent in January. “It was for me, not for other people.

” “I came to Germany because I wanted to live in peace, away from danger,” he continued. “I don’t want anyone to continue using my photo on Facebook. I want to live in peace without any problems.



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