Jackie Mason Torches Critics of Israel Embassy Move (Exclusive)

Daniel Nussbaum


27th January 2017

In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason. [In his latest exclusive clip for Breitbart News, Jackie takes aim at critics who say Israel’s embassy cannot possibly be moved to Jerusalem from its current location in Tel Aviv. “It’s as if somebody would get mad that you moved the capital [of the United States] to Washington,” Jackie says.

“Imagine if another country decided that the American capital doesn’t deserve to be in Washington because they don’t like it, because they said we’re occupying their territory by being there. People that you’ve never heard of, that were never there before. ” Jackie says that as far as Arab countries in the Middle East are concerned, Israel doesn’t have a right to exist anywhere.

“If they had their way, every Israeli and every Jew would be wiped out immediately, so how would they have a capital any place if they don’t even have a right to be here?” Jackie asks. Still, the comedian holds no ill will toward these Arab countries, even though they’d prefer he’d drop dead. In his first cable news interview from the White House on Thursday, President Trump signaled it was “too early” to discuss his plans to move the embassy to Jerusalem.

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