WikiLeaks Reveals CIA ’Archimedes’ Tool Reportedly Used to Infect Local Networks - Breitbart

Lucas Nolan


5th May 2017

WikiLeaks published a hacking tool known as “Archimedes” in another installment of their CIA Vault 7 leak series today. [WikiLeaks claims the hacking tool is used to infiltrate and attack computers that are linked via a local area network (LAN). The program essentially uses one computer to share viruses across the network, rerouting computer traffic to an exploitation server that allows the CIA to monitor network traffic on the computer.

“The document illustrates a type of attack within a ‘protected environment’ as the the tool is deployed into an existing local network abusing existing machines to bring targeted computers under control and allowing further exploitation and abuse,” WikiLeaks explains. Included with today’s leak is a number of hashes that WikiLeaks claims can be used to help identify the Archimedes virus in the future and hopefully guard against it, Release today of CIA ’Archimedes’ malware documentation includes hashes which can be used for virus detection https: . pic.

twitter. — WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) May 5, 2017, .


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