Horndogs are desperate to get arrested by this sexy cop

Ellie Ross, The Sun

New York Post

5th May 2016

A German policewoman has been swamped with messages from adoring Instagram fans — with some begging her to arrest them — after her sexy snaps went viral. Adrienne Koleszar has become an internet sensation thanks to the photos she posts on social media flashing her flat stomach, toned legs and muscular arms. The senior police commissioner has notched up thousands of followers on her Instagram account, where her daily postings have made her a massive hit.

The blond German is constantly bombarded with praise, with fans claiming they would willingly drive into a speed trap if it meant they would get stopped by her. Others simply beg: “Please arrest me. ” Koleszar — who competed in the bikini class of the in 2015 — has a day job that includes dealing with accidents, fights and domestic violence cases.

The slim cop is in the gym after her shift, training with a ( ) hip thrust device that helps her keep her enviable physique. on She said: “It helps me work on my backside. Every woman wants to have a nice backside.

” One of the photos shows Koleszar in her uniform, leaning against a police car. The photo — which has amassed nearly 9, 000 likes — is captioned: “Yes, I am a police officer in Germany and yes, I love my job. “Surely it is often hard work.

Sometimes I have to handle things, which nobody would like to see. “I am only a human and I’m not perfect. But in the end I am very happy with my life.

” Another snap shows the toned officer wearing nothing but a sports bra, bikini pants and trainers as she lounges on a wooden seat. Koleszar — who weighs 140 pounds and is 5 feet 6 inches tall — claims her figure is due to 30 percent sport and 70 percent healthy eating, adding that her favorite meal is a protein dish consisting of egg whites and porridge oats. And despite flaunting her curves to her Instagram fan base, she says she’s had no trouble from senior police chiefs over the photos.

Koleszar — who is dating a professional swimmer — claims she doesn’t foresee problems with her bosses as long as the snaps are not too revealing. The curvaceous copper says she would not pose topless or nude, adding: “I am mainly aiming my photographs at women, not men. ”.



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